Resolve Your Tax Debt from the Convenience of Your Home

What is Tax Relief?

Tax relief is a generalized phrase covering scores of tax laws and programs created by the IRS and State. Falling behind on tax payments is something that millions of Americans have encountered at one time or another. Owing money, especially to the IRS, can be intimidating and stressful. A tax relief company can assist you reach an agreement with the IRS and/or State. Using proven strategies, our team can assist you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from occurring. In some cases, you may be able to settle tax debts for much less than was originally owed. Cloud Tax Team is available to you as a resource to help resolve your IRS and/or State debt in the shortest amount of time possible, while saving you money in the process.

Our Process


(Free of Charge)



Initiate client protections
Establish rapport with IRS
Review case summary options
(Average: 2-4 weeks)



Establish IRS compliance
Attain best resolution
(Average: 3-9 months)



Case Closed

Who We Are

Comprised of Tax Professionals with over 50 years of experience, Cloud Tax Team is a full service Tax Resolution firm that can handle most IRS or State Tax Issues. Our team is on hand to provide answers for clients impacted by garnishments, bank levies, liens and other challenges.

What We Do

Cloud Tax Team specializes in resolving and reducing IRS or State Tax Debt. Our unique approach is unique in the Tax Resolution industry. We’ll provide you with a detailed understanding of your options BEFORE you pay any fees towards resolution services.

Trust Us

Cloud Tax Team is committed to providing a safe and secure site that you can trust. We take your privacy seriously and will not share your information.